Vols fans react to Butch Jones' firing

VOLS fans react to Butch Jones' firing (IMAGE: UT Knoxville )

Because of the rampant speculation the past year or so, the news of the firing of Butch Jones didn't come as a shock to many Vols fans.

It's been talked about for weeks now.

NewsChannel 9 spoke to some die-hard Vols fans about the end of an era for Jones' UT career.

"I was a little bit relieved. He should have gotten fired probably several games ago but not sure the reason why he's been around this long," said Rob Wood.

There was also a common denominator in who they wanted to see take Jones' place.

"Hopefully it's (Jon) Gruden. That's everybody's big name on the list but I think Gruden would be a good fit for the Vols," said Wood,

Those fans say they want to see a new offense, new defensive coordinator and new recruits to put the VOLS back on top.

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