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Viral video: Affidavit reveals new details in East Ridge student's arrest by SRO

In the video you can see who we were told is in an SRO, grabbing the student by the hair. Image from video recorded in context of Facebook.
In the video you can see who we were told is in an SRO, grabbing the student by the hair. Image from video recorded in context of Facebook.
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An affidavit we obtained reveals more details in an arrest caught on video where a Hamilton County SRO pulled an East Ridge student by his hair while trying to take him into custody.

The affidavit says the school's gym coach contacted the SRO, Tyler McRae, to assist with an aggressive student identified as Tauris Sledge.

The coach had planned for a kickball game but the affidavit says Sledge refused to participate and said he was not feeling well.

But when it was free time Sledge started playing basketball.

When the coach addressed him about this, the affidavit says Sledge "puffed out his chest" and called the coach racist and other names.

The affidavit says McRae showed up while Sledge was 'loudly and aggressively' arguing with the coach in front of students and other administrators.

The affidavit says he then put his hand on Sledge's shoulder asking him to calm down so he wouldn't have to arrest him for disorderly conduct.

Sledge then "bladed off" towards the SRO and, according to the affidavit, he said "you have 5 seconds to get your hands off me."

Sledge walked away and the affidavit says the SRO asked him several times to come back, but instead he sat on the bleachers with his backpack.

The affidavit says McRae asked Sledge to stand up so he could placed him into custody but he continued refusing orders.

At this point the affidavit lines up with the video and says the SRO grabbed Sledge by his dreads, dragging him. He still resisted and the SRO grabbed him by his backpack.

The affidavit says the SRO put Sledge's hands behind his back.

McRae took him to the bottom of the bleachers where he says in the affidavit that Sledge refused several times to remove his backpack so he could be put in handcuffs.

At this point, the affidavit says the SRO pepper-sprayed Sledge so he could get him under control.

The affidavit says Sledge refused care from the nurse, but when his father arrived he allowed him to take him to the locker room to decontaminate his face.

After, the affidavit says Sledge was taken into custody.

Sledge was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault.

Sledge is being represented by attorney Robin Flores who says Sledge's father was shocked when he got a call about the altercation and arrest.

“What I see is a guy that has been dragged by his hair and then slung down the bleachers. And they weren't just like a bleacher to up there up pretty high.”

Flores also says he is concerned about the legality of the arrest.

“And then the question is going to be the arrest for a misdemeanor. And did that misdemeanor occur in the officer's presence? If it did not occur in the officer's presence? He's got a problem. Because the Tennessee statute prohibits an arrest for a misdemeanor, outside of the presence of the officer.”

Flores says McRae was involved in a 2019 lawsuit. It accuses deputy Daniel Wilkey of inappropriately touching a group minors and McRae of failing to intervene.

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A video showing an East Ridge student getting his hair pulled by a Hamilton County SRO while being arrested Tuesday has gone viral.

Now, parents and community members, and even the NAACP want answers.

The video was posted on social media, taken down, and re-posted several times Tuesday.

We obtained the footage from Facebook:

In the video you can see who we were told is in a Hamilton County SRO, grabbing the student by the hair.

That officer then throws the student down on the bleachers.

The student's father reached out to us, saying the student is 18 and was told to sit on the bleachers during gym class.

That's after he told the coach he did not feel well.

At some point, the student and coach exchanged words, according to the father.

That led to the encounter in the video.

The teen's father says his son was pepper-sprayed and taken to the juvenile detention center.

We reached out to Hamilton County Schools and they say they're aware of a situation at East Ridge High School involving the interaction of a student and the school’s SRO.

HCS says they are working with school administrators and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office to gather information about the incident.

We have reached out to HCSO who says they're looking into it. They would not provide further details at this time.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the Chattanooga branch of the NAACP said they "have questions and need answers" about what happened.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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