Viral Pokemon Go video promotes working out

Several can be seen in open areas, like Coolidge Park, playing the game.

Businesses have been milking Pokemon Go to attract customers as possible advertisements. One Chattanooga man is doing something similar, but with a healthier message.

Kyle House represents"Kyle House Fitness," and he's a local personal fitness coach and trainer. He's also a pretty big Pokemon Go player. He created a Facebook video that creates a work out plan while laying the game. The video has gone viral, reaching nearly 11,000 views since it was first posted.

Apple reported the game has been the number one downloaded app in the store in its first week.

The video instructs you to do different sets of workouts for different milestones in the game, i.e. catching new Pokemon or finding Poke-stops.

House is in the middle of opening a new space for his fitness training. He is expecting his new gym to open in coming months.

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