Video surveillance technology helping police officials catch criminals

Image by WTVC

Porch pirates, car thefts, vandalism, and other illegal activity .. are not so easy to get away with now.

All it takes is a simple camera to capture the criminals in the act. Through social media and a little help from technology anyone can be caught and brought to justice.

Cameras can be placed everywhere. Your front door, in your home, and even inside of your car.

While they are useful to see who's waiting outside.

Police are now able to team up with the community to catch criminals in the act.

Whether it's stealing a precious package right off your front steps or breaking into your home and car...cameras are there to capture every second of it.

A local Facebook post brought a man that was shown in a dashcam video to justice. With over 200 shares on Facebook and some help form the Chattanooga Police Department he was quickly identified.

Technology is helping police solve cases and make arrests by serving as reliable, unbiased witness to events. but there is one thing that you should keep in mind if you're planning on buying one of these.

A spokesperson with C-P-D says "Technology, in general, is helping police solve cases and make arrests by serving as reliable, unbiased witnesses to events. However, not all cameras are equal and placement matters. When purchasing a camera or camera system, CPD recommends considering image quality, ability to capture video in low light areas, any zoom or rotating lens. Also, placement is key - try to put it in an area where the field of view is unrestricted."

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