Video: Fireball in the sky caught on camera in Tenn. Thursday night

Crazy video caught on a local woman's Ring doorbell camera shows a blazing fireball in the sky. (Image taken from video from viewer Morgan Elizabeth)

Crazy video caught on a woman's doorbell camera shows a blazing fireball in the sky.

Viewer Morgan Elizabeth in Ooltewah, Tennessee shared her view of the overnight phenomenon:

We reached out to NASA to see what this could have been.

Officials told us lots of people reported seeing the flash. Their data indicates a 6-foot (2 meters) wide asteroid traveling 53,700 miles per hour caused it.

NASA says the 12:19 a.m. flash was 40 times brighter than a full moon, and was first seen at an altitude of 58 miles above Turkeytown, Alabama, northeast of Gadsden.

They also provided us with video and images captured on their meteor cameras.

NASA is still working to learn if any meteorites made it to the ground.

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