VIDEO: Chattanooga viewer discovers snake in her apartment's toilet

Photo by viewer Christen Kiefert.

An unwelcome visitor caused quite a scare for NewsChannel 9 viewer in Middle Valley Thursday night.

Christen Kiefert tells us she walked in to her downstairs bathroom at her apartment on Jed Lane, lifted the toilet seat and found a snake curled up in the toilet, with its head sticking out of the water.

After calling her apartment's management, she shared the video on Facebook, writing "Y’all I can’t make this up, a dang snake was in my toilet... I’m terrified. You hear about it on here or sometimes tv but I would have never imagined it would happen to me."

Kiefert tells us a maintenance crew came and taped up the toilet. They told her a pest control worker would be by to address the problem Friday morning - and told her not to use the bathroom until they get the snake out.

Fortunately, Kiefert has another bathroom upstairs she can use in the meantime.

We consulted with our resident wildlife expert and Outdoors section contributor Richard Simms who says to him, it appears to be a common garter snake, which he says is a "common, non-poisonous, usually docile little snake." He adds, "this is definitely NOT the place or means you ever want to see ANY snake appear!!!"

Christen wrote us later in Friday morning to say a maintenance man and pest control person came to her apartment. She tells us "they said to wait and see what happens." We will keep you posted.

This story prompted another viewer to share HER recent "snake in the toilet" video.

Mallory Jones says she found a rat snake in her Chickamauga home Wednesday evening, and called for help.

She says the snake finally was captured and they set it free into the woods. She tells us she had her septic tank pumped a week ago, and thinks the snake got in while the lid was off.

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