Varnell man charged with 4 felonies and 5 misdemeanors after barricading himself in home

Varnell suspect charged with 5 felonies and misdemeanors after barricading himself in home (Photo: MGN)

Varnell Police says Jason McCall Gowing is charged with 5 felonies and 5 misdemeanors after barricading himself in his home on Saturday.

He is charged with 4 felony counts of cruelty to children in the first degree, kidnapping, possession of a knife during a crime, and false imprisonment,

He faces 5 misdemeanor charges of obstruction of law enforcement during the investigation of a crime, battery under the family violence act, reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, and disorderly house

Chief Lyle Grant says the Varnell Police Department received a domestic violence call at 6:30 am on Saturday.

The victim says the Gowing was under the influence of narcotics and still in his home on Cattle Drive.

VPD says they determined there were signs of physical abuse on the victim and her 4 children gave a witness testimony to the officer.

When police approached the home, the suspect refused to answer the door and turned off the lights. Officers say they heard Gowing barricading himself inside.

Varnell Police made a safety perimeter and started to evacuate neighbors as a safety precaution, unsure if Gowing was armed.

Officers had to enter the home forcefully, where they soon found Gowing "wrapped head to toe in bed sheets hiding under the master bedroom king sized bed", wearing only his underwear.

Police say Gowing refused to comply and officers pulled him form under the bed by force. Officers say they used a taser to subdue Gowing when he refused commands and would not allow himself to be put into handcuffs.

The suspect refused medical treatment and immediately asked for an attorney.

The GBI is assisting in the investigation with the Whitfield County office of the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services, and the Whitfield County District Attorney's Office.

You can read the full release from the Varnell Police Department here:

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