Recovering addicts gather on Walnut Street Bridge for "Unity" event

People hold hands as they spread across the bridge.

Dozens of people gathered on the Walnut Street Bridge this morning for the first annual Unity on the Bridge on Saturday.

This was an event to shed light on the communities and people that face addictions of all kinds.

Outreach and Oxford House Coordinator, Marty Walker, says that this is the first year that Unity on The Bridge has happened. But hopes to make it a tradition.

Walker says that this is a way to show those that are recovering or are currently facing addiction, that there are people who care and want to help.

"This is basically primary purpose...solidarity and to try and save lives. All while having fun. We also want to show Chattanooga that we're here and we're here to help". says Walker.

It was all smiles on the North Shore Saturday morning as dozens of recovering addicts gathered to share their stories.

One of those smiles was from Kindra Reavely.

Reavely says that her addiction began at a very young age, when she was just in high school.

She says that it started out with an addiction to alcohol, but it later worsened to other street drugs.

It wasn't until she almost faced eight years in prison for drug charges, that she realized it had gotten out of hand.

" I never thought that living clean was a possibility for me" says Reavely.

Kindra Reavely is now in recovery, and says that it's events like this that helped her gain a sober life.

Kindra says "It's a great life, I've got my family in my life I have a great job I live a life that I didn't think was possible again".

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