TWRA trains with new underwater technology on Soddy Lake Thursday

Image: WTVC

Members of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) were out on Soddy Lake Thursday morning testing out new technology. It's a VideoRay ROV (remotely-operated vehicle) that will help the TWRA search on the bottom of bodies of water.

Tom Glebis works for the company that created the new underwater camera. He was with the TWRA out on the lake to show them how it worked. He says this one can allow the operator to do a lot of the work above water. That includes gauging depth, water temperature, and if there are any entanglement hazards.

Captain Matt Majors is an investigator with the TWRA. He says this will help him and his colleagues do their jobs better.

"If we can go down and find the target, then they [the divers] can follow our tether right down to the target," said Captain Majors. "It saves a lot of looking and it keeps out divers safe."

The TWRA will officially own this new underwater camera. They will use it to assist other agencies with any underwater recoveries such as boats, cars, and victims.

The TWRA has used a similar, smaller device since 2012.

They applied for a state grant to pay for the new one.

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