UPDATE: Family identifies woman killed in shooting outside Southside Social

Family members confirm Cachet Peterson was killed in a shooting early Sunday morning outside Southside Social. (Image: Peterson family)

Chattanooga Police say one woman was killed and another injured in a shooting outside Southside Social on Chestnut Street.

The shooting happened after Sunday morning around 1:30.

Chattanooga police say they arrived at the scene and found two women with gunshot wounds.

The two were rushed to a local hospital where police say 21-year-old Cachet Peterson died from her injuries.

Witness Nikki Phillips says the bar was crowded when shot rang out.

"I was on the deck and everybody just hit the ground," Phillips said. "I got up and there was a girl just covered in blood."

Phillips says she was scared and it was a surreal feeling being there.

"You come just to have a good time and then something like this happens. You hear about this, like I’ve heard something about this before, but you never think that you’ll actually see it," Phillips said. "All you can do is send up prayers for them."

Police say the other victim, 24-year-old Tiana Linares is now in stable condition.

The victims' names have not been released at this time as family members are still being contacted.

There is no suspect information available at this time.

In response to the shooting, Southside Social released this statement:

In response to the shooting on the street outside Southside Social early this morning, the management is closing the establishment until further notice and will assist in any way we can during the investigation being conducted by the Chattanooga Police Department. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved in this tragic situation.

On Monday, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke commented on this case on his Twitter account:

"The homicide that occurred this past weekend on Chestnut Street is a tragic reminder of the toll that violence takes in our city. My sympathies and thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the victim. Meanwhile, we continue to hope for the other victim’s quick recovery. Looking forward, I believe that a coordinated, well-funded, and proactive strategy will be essential to preventing future tragic incidents like this one. We of course treat these incidents extremely seriously. I will continue to work with the Chattanooga City Council, state lawmakers, local law enforcement agencies, and all of our community partners to implement the policies and policing techniques that reduce fatalities and ensure the safety and peace of mind of all Chattanoogans."

Peterson's family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses.

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