Two men arrested after road rage incident along I-24 in Chattanooga

Still from video via Ashley McKenzie

Chattanooga Police say two men have been arrested after a road rage incident that happened on I-24 near the Fourth Avenue exit Friday.

Viewer Ashley McKenzie says she saw the fight happening and started recording video.

"That's why I pulled my phone out because I figured something was going to happen," McKenzie said.

"After the punch in the window, but there was really no where for them to stop."

The video shows both men on the ground, fighting near traffic.

Alexander Nicolou and Joseph Koehler have been arrested.

"All four lanes were stopped because people were getting out of their cars and they ran over to break it up," McKenzie said.

"It looks like no one was helping but as soon as the video stopped, people were breaking it up."

Nicolou is charged with not wearing a seat belt.

Koehler is charged with assault.

The video of the incident has been shared on social media more than 7,000 times.

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