Two injured after 3-car crash in front of Walker County elementary school

Authorities say two people were hurt, one seriously, after a 3-car accident that happened on the road in front of Saddle Ridge Middle School in Rock Spring, just off of Highway 27 in Walker County.

The crash happened at about 7:30 as parents were dropping students off at the school.

We're told an ambulance rushed one woman to Erlanger Hospital with serious injuries.

Police say one of the drivers will be cited for failure to yield.

Our crew on the scene showed skid marks where the accident happened live on GMC FOX Edition (click above to play the video).

The accident scene is cleared and traffic is moving normally in the area.

One officer working the wreck told us he believes the speed limit on that road should be reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph.

NewsChannel 9 viewer Randy Pittman, who tipped us off to the accident, agreed:

The Georgia Department of Transportation says it is conducting a study of this area to see whether a traffic light is feasible.

Here is a full email sent to NewsChannel 9 sent to us by G-DOT's Mohammed Arafa:

"The Georgia Department of Transportation is currently conducting a Traffic Engineering Study to determine what changes can be made to enhance safety and whether a traffic signal is warranted for the US 27 and Saddle Ridge Elementary/Middle School in Walker County. This traffic study, which began in September includes the topography of the location, geometrics of the intersection including directional sight distance, existing traffic control, pedestrian movement, posted speed, traffic volumes and crash history. This study is expected to be completed in a couple of weeks.

Once the Traffic Engineering Study is complete a decision will be made on how to enhance safety in the area. Depending on the outcome of the study, Georgia DOT will sprint into action to implement whatever plan for safety improvements we come up with. Georgia DOT’s top priority is driver and pedestrian safety. When it comes to safety the Department does not compromise. We do whatever it takes to keep our roadways and intersections safe for everyone using them. However, we are reminded of what research consistently indicates. That’s there are at least three factors in each crash: driver, vehicle and road.

As for the traffic count, US 27 in this area carries an average of 13,800 vehicles per day."

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