Two Hixson car shops burglarized, surveillance video shows similar suspects

Surveillance video from High Caliber Auto Sound in Hixson captures a man breaking in and stealing car stereo equipment. (image WTVC)

UPDATE (Feb. 8th):

Chattanooga Police say officers made an arrest in the case on Tuesday.

35-year-old William Joshua Harwood is charged with 3 counts of burglary and 3 counts of theft over $1000.

Police say some stolen property was recovered. Harwood is charged with stealing trailers from two other locations, and police say those trailers have also been recovered.


In a span of nine hours, two small car shops in Hixson are victims to burglars. The store owners think they were attacked by the same person.

Mikel and Tamara Fairfax own High Caliber Auto Sound off of Highway 153 in Hixson. Friday morning, they found a shattered window and their security cameras covered in a black paint-like texture.

"It's just terrifying to see that going on," Mikel Fairfax said.

One camera remained untouched; the one inside of the store.

That camera captures a white truck pulling a trailer around 10 p.m. Thursday night. Moments later, another camera shows a man in a white jacket destroying the camera.

"To see that they didn’t care about any of the property, trying to vandalize property and tear up stuff that people work hard for, it's disheartening," said Fairfax.

Hours later, around 7:30 Friday morning, a similar white truck pulls in and a man with a dark jacket enters the store. He then picks up about $2,000 worth of car speakers and take off.

A similar car and person made an appearance at another car shop down the road.

Taylor Yother owns Northgate Auto Services off of Highway 153. That's about half of a mile away from Fairfax's store. When Yother heard of their break-in, he had one thought come to mind.

"That's interesting because my compressor is missing," Surveillance video at his store from Thursday night also caught a white truck, pulling a U-haul trailer and a man walking around in a white jacket.

Yother says the man stole a 300-pound air compressor, worth about $2,500.

Both owners are now asking for your help identifying the man or men involved in the crimes.

The Chattanooga Police Department responded to both of these incidents; they are still working to confirm if the suspects in both cases are the same people.

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