Two Dalton High School students suspended for threatening note

A Dalton High School student found an index card with notes written all over it. Now, Dalton police officers are investigating.

"We are at 96 percent attendance today [Wednesday]," said Dalton High School principal Steve Bartoo. "Basically it's been a normal school day." The school says approximately 700 students did not attend school on Tuesday. That's because a note, implying students were planning a shooting, was obtained by the Dalton Police Department.

Dalton's principal Steve Bartoo addressed the matter in a video Facebook post:

The note had phrases like "I've got an AR at home" or "I'll look down at them" and another part that read "P.S. don't come to school tomorrow."

Ramon Garcia has two sons that attend the school. He allowed them to stay home on Tuesday.

"My oldest son said he didn't want to go to school," said Garcia. "He felt a little uncomfortable, so we didn't pressure him. We just let him make the decision himself so he could feel safe."

Students and parents feeling safe, is exactly why the Dalton Police Department aren't taking any chances with this threat.

"You have to take these things seriously," said spokesman Bruce Frazier. "You don't want to let one slip by."

Garcia himself doesn't believe the note is legitimate and feels his children are safe at school.

"People who are going to act, will not give a warning," he said. "They'll just do it. They won't warn anybody.

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