Meigs County residents fear losing land in TVA's plan for power transmission upgrade

Image: TVA

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says it's considering building new power transmission lines that would run through Bradley, Hamilton and Meigs Counties. The federal utility's website says they will be for "future power system connections to ensure reliability and additional capacity for growth in the area."

The lines would traverse about 5.25 miles, leading to the proposed Gunstocker Creek 161-kV Station northeast of the intersection of State Highways 58 and 60 in Meigs County.

Greg Vital owns 125 acres of farmland where the proposed power lines would go.

Vital says it will lower his property value.. and condemn his farmland.

"I welcome TVA to the region like lots of people do but I'm opposed to imminent domain. They have options for alternatives and they need to explore it," he said.

Malinda Hunter with TVA says the new building, that's yet to start construction, would replace the power control center in Chattanooga.

"We'll have the opportunity to put some new security features, a lot of technology upgrades, a new energy management system is a big part of this and a big part of the cost of the project," she said.

TVA says new line would be built using double-circuit, steel poles centered on existing 100-foot-wide right of way and on new 100- to 150-foot-wide right of way.

TVA says about 4.25 miles of the new line would be on existing 100-foot-wide right of way of TVA’s East Cleveland Primary-Georgetown 69-kV Transmission Line. It says this line would be torn down and rebuilt as double-circuit from Structure 76 to the old Georgetown Substation. The remaining one mile would be on new 100- to 150-foot-wide right of way.

TVA will hold an information day on Thursday, August 30, 2018, to provide information and answer questions about the proposed transmission project. That will happen from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Cedar Ridge Seventh-Day Adventist Fellowship Hall, at 8408 Highway 60 in Georgetown.

The project is expected to be in service in winter 2020-2021. Construction is scheduled to begin in winter 2019-2020.

Depend on us to keep you posted.

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