TVA investigation underway at Sequoyah Nuclear plant after two electricians burned

TVA is investigating after two electricians were burned at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant on Friday. (IMAGE: WTVC)

TVA is investigating an incident that occurred Friday, March 16, at Sequoyah Nuclear Plant in which two contract electricians were burned by an ARC flash.

According to Malinda Hunter with TVA, an ARC flash is the light and heat produced as part of an electrical discharge, not to be confused with a shock. Hunter says unlike a shock, a person does not have to touch an electrical conductor. The heat from an electrical arc can result in burn injuries.

Hunter also says TVA has suspended similar work activities across the fleet until they have a full understanding of the cause.

The incident occurred away from the reactor and power generating side of the plant, and there are no public or nuclear safety concerns. Both Sequoyah Unit 1 and 2 remain online.

Our thoughts are with the injured workers and their families. TVA’s primary focus is on the safety of employees, contractors and the public. As such we are investigating the incident to prevent recurrence.

Because the individuals are contract workers, TVA could not provide information on the status of the two electricians.

We have reached out to Day & Zimmermann, the contract employer, for more information.

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