Floating home owners meet with TVA officials at Chattanoogan

Marina owners and floating house owners pleading to the TVA council to keep floating houses around

Many floating home owners and marina owners filled a room inside the Chattanoogan today voicing their concerns about a new proposal by TVA.

"There's a lot of folks that have invested thousands of thousands of dollars and they're gonna be impacted by this dramatically," said Tyson McGhee, floating home owner.

Tyson McGhee lives in Knoxville, and drove to Chattanooga just for the public comment portion of the meeting.

He can't imagine what he would do without the home on the lake.

"The reason why we go there is to spend the weekend there," he added.

TVA officials understand that this is a way of life for some people, but also say it's a concern for others.

"All of those reservoirs are designed for public use, and when we think about these kinds of policies we try to think of polices that are fair and consistent for everyone across the valley," said Joe Hoagland, VP for enterprise relations and innovations at TVA.

So, TVA decided to conduct an evaluation looking at a variety of things on public waterways.

"We had some sanitation issues in some case where folks were dumping sewer into the lake and again not everyone of them is in that kind of shape, but those were some issues that kicked off the evaluation, Hoagland added.

McGhee understands that but, "if you purchased a home just last year and you spent that kind of money, now it's gonna be taken away form you. You can see the financial impact for that homeowner, as well as the local economies around the lakes," McGhee said.

That's why he hopes his voice was heard today and hopes, in the future, everyone can work together.

"We hope they see us as a partner. The Tennessee Valley Floating Home Association wants to partner with TVA and come to some sort of decision that would benefit everyone, but we're not sure yet where this is going," McGhee said.

The TVA board will vote on this proposal on Thursday May 5 in Paris, Tennessee.

TVA officials tell us, if this passes, those floating homes already on the water won't have to move for the next 20 years.

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