Trumpet players play 'TAPS' at UTC to honor fallen veterans

Image: WTVC

A special tribute to veterans was made Friday morning on the campus of UTC and throughout downtown Chattanooga.

For the third year, trumpet players were invited to play "TAPS."It is an open call to trumpet players in the Greater Chattanooga area to come and play TAPS to honor fallen veterans. The first note will be played at 9:45 a.m.

“I try to play gently, said UTC trumpet professor Dr. Erika Schafer.

"I try to play in a way that gives the upmost respect."

This year’s rendition of TAPS honors five UTC students who died 100 years ago during World War I.

“That we might live, this book is dedicated," said UTC professor Aaron Shaheen during a special ceremony to honor them.

17 trumpets players of all ages spread out at different spots and echoed each other with the rendition of taps.

It was Isabelle Bauer’s first time playing those 24 notes.

“I was happy to to be able to honor veterans and people who have fallen," the high school freshman said.

A feeling that resonates with high school senior Willie Spight. That is why he came back to participate a second year.

Myself doing a better job of representing them through music and giving back to the community through that," Spight said.

Dr. Schafer has played TAPS over 100 times while in the U.S. Navy Band and says the focus never changes.

“Try to evoke a feeling of peace and calm," she said.

In tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

The idea is to have the notes echo throughout the community.

The playing of this 24-note melody has evolved into a salute to veterans.

TAPS is known as a bugle call. In the military, it signals that the day is over.

TAPS originated in July of 1862 in Harrison's Landing, Virginia.

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