Traffic causes concerns around Apison Elementary

Image: NewsChannel 9 SkyCam

Parents who have children at Apison Elementary School in East Brainerd say traffic makes them nervous.

A new middle school is being built right behind the elementary school. We spoke with parents who say the new school will mean new traffic problems.

On Monday, people who live in that area have questions and concerns. They wanted to talk to leaders who might be able to help.

"I think it's a little crazy," said Dawn Creekmore, whose daughter attends Apison Elementary.

As a mom, she loves the school but not the traffic.

"As far as putting a middle school in here, I just don't see it. They need to move it further down or just let it be," said Creekmore.

By August of 2020 the leveled lot near Apison Elementary will be home to East Hamilton Middle School.

The properties will share a border and some of the same streets. This new flow of traffic is what has a lot of people concerned.

"I want them to feel like their complaints were heard and addressed because I take it very serious, especially when there's safety concerns. You know one gentleman called me and said you know I have a four-year-old and a two-year-old and they're speeding in and out," said Hamilton County Commissioner Sabrena Smedley.

Smedley says county engineers recently conducted a traffic study for the area.

It recommends a traffic signal be installed at the intersection of Bentwood Cove Drive and East Brainerd Road.

"Everyone here tonight was here for the same reason. Its about their children and they want whats best for them and what's safest for them. So we're going to work till the end to find those solutions," said Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Austin Garrett.

Chief Deputy Garrett says his officers will maintain regular patrols and conduct assessments to ensure safety at this school. They'll also consider adding school crossing guards and flashing speed limit signs.

"A lot could be done, but they're doing the best they can," said Meaghan Means, her son attends Apison Elementary.

Means says Monday's meeting is a step toward a solution. And this is a school that knows how to problem solve.

Monday's meeting was just the first in a series meetings commissioners and law enforcement plan to hold with parents.

Chief Deputy Garrett says he wants to hold at least two more meetings in the coming months.

The county's traffic study is not finalized.

Deputy Austin Garrett urged parents to call the sheriff's department with any and all traffic concerns. That way they can be documented.

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