Town Hall opens floor to questions from veterans

Army veteran Phillip Worley receives information about his health care at a Town Hall meeting Wednesday night at the VA Clinic. PHOTO: WTVC

Veterans turned out at the VA Clinic Wednesday night to get their questions answered.

Representatives for the Veterans' Benefits Association were in town.

Some questions were general, but the most passionate were the personal ones.

Take Katrina Kyner for example.

She's a Navy veteran with sciatica in her right leg.

It's a service related condition.

But, she had to wait two and a half years just to receive physical therapy.

Wednesday night, she got help.

Jennifer Vedral-Baron, the Health Systems Director of the Tennessee Valley Health Care System, said, "Basically, I'm going to figure out what happened and get her a referral tomorrow. She needs her referral for physical therapy."

Kyner was glad she attended the Town Hall. "Yes it was, it was beneficial," Kyner said with a smile.

Last week, the president signed the VA Mission Act of 2018 into law.

On the ground, it's not yet in effect.

But it will take about a year to roll out with several small changes expected.

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