Top Secret Transport: Nukes on the highway

Top Secret Transport: Nukes on the highway

Ever wonder what the semi truck next to you on the highway is carrying?

It could be more dangerous than you think.

A little known government agency, the Office of Secure Transportation has been shipping nuclear weapons, nuclear weapon components, and what's called special nuclear material on USS highways for more than four decades.

A map released by the OTS in 2012 shows that Chattanooga is at the crossroads of one of its most popular routes.

The material is transported in trucks the OTS calls safeguard transporters.

They are designed to withstand any accident.

Specific routes and schedules of the shipments are highly classified.

Drivers that spoke with NewsChannel 9 were shocked to learn what may be traveling right next to them at any given moment.

"That is real scary, now that you told me that, Pam Alexich said.

"I'm probably going to stay away from any unmarked trucks."

The OTS estimates it logs more than 4.5 million miles across the country every year.

In the four decades of the program, the OTS says there's never been a single incident that would put highway drivers in danger.

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