Acquitted, Tonya Craft, sworn in as attorney, hopes to make change

Tonya Craft, now an attorney. Image by WTVC.png

It was over ten years ago when a former Chickamauga Elementary School teacher, Tonya Craft, was arrested and falsely accused of child molestation.

In 2008 Tonya Craft was falsely accused of child molestation, losing her two kids and job as a teacher. It was a court case that swept the nation, lasting for two years, until the day she was acquitted.

In 2010 she was acquitted on 22 charges. Now, she says she hopes to help those that have also been falsely accused.

Once the trial in 2010 was over, Craft says she felt she had to turn what she went through, into something positive.

"I decided I was going to go to law school" says Craft.

Attending Nashville School of Law, commuting from Chattanooga for four years.

Now starting a new chapter of her life becoming an attorney, and closing another as a former teacher, Craft says it was a battle that made the day she was sworn in bitter sweet.

"I'm very happy the day it occurred. But it was kind of the end of a career that I loved" says Craft.

She says her experience drove her to be the person she is today, writing and publishing her own book. "Accused"

"I had a really bad thing that happened, and I can either choose for it to devastate me or motivate me and I choose for it to motivate me to move forward" says Craft.

"I get letters from prison" says Craft as she opens up another e-mail on her computer from someone asking for her help.

Taking her experience in the court room and turning it into a law firm that helps those that feel they too have been wrongfully accused. She says she hopes to represent people around the U.S. with a well put together team.

"Our goal is for us to build a firm including experts where anybody in the US that's falsely accused can we need to call them and we need them to represent us" says Craft.

Turning the situation she was in around, she says she hopes to make a difference.

"You can take a situation and although it's devastating in the moment it doesn't ruin or destroy your life it helps make you stronger and helps you do things you never thought you could" says Craft.

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