TN Ready Tests Still Not Delivered to Hamilton County

-After several glitches and delays, TN Ready testing is expected to begin next Wednesday in Hamilton County.

But as of today, the district has still not received the paper tests.

The new schedule's uncertainty has already created conflict for students.

All year, third graders at Normal Park Museum Magnet School have been looking forward to a field trip to the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta. But after the computer TN Ready tests failed - the paper testing date was moved to the same day as the field trip. Now that trip is canceled - and parents are concerned it's taking away from learning opportunities.

Heather DeGaetano's daughter went on the trip last year.

"For those things that make school one of her favorite things to do, for those to go away for testing that may or may not happen and that changes constantly - that's really too bad," said Heather DeGaetano.

Normal Park Museum Magnet's principal Jill Levine says there was no way to reschedule - and overall, the school's field trips were scaled back this year.

"Every time that testing takes away another learning expedition from our students - it takes away the chance to learn in an innovative, hands on, creative kind of way," said Jill Levine, principal of Normal Park Museum Magnet School.

Levine says she's concerned the paper tests haven't arrived yet - especially with all the prep time already spent.

"The state this year with their mandates has so far exceeded the 21.6 hours - which is really far out of compliance with what the federal government is recommending," said Levine. "And it's a problem."

That's one reason some parents are opting their children out of testing. Since the changes have been made, Levine says about 10 students have been opted out. At the school, parents have opted 164 students total out of testing.

Heather DeGaetano opted her daughter out this year.

"We all really think it's not working for our kids, for our teachers and our schools," said DeGaetano. "The changes are a problem, the amount of time is a problem, the pressure it puts on our schools is a problem. But at the end of the day - this is really about our kids."

The Hamilton County Department of Education was told they would get the tests this week.

The Assistant Superintendent of Accountability & Testing says as long as they get the tests by Friday - they will have time to unload, sort and process - and testing will continue as planned.

If the tests are not delivered by Friday - they will have to be delayed by a few days.

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