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'This is immoral': Pastor slams NC school board over 'pornographic' library book

(Asheville City Schools)
(Asheville City Schools)
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A local pastor's heated questioning of a North Carolina school board was cut short once he began reading from a "pornographic" book allegedly available to students.

John K. Amanchukwu Sr., a preacher and contributor to TPUSA Faith, confronted the Asheville City School (ACS) school board over the book '"It's Perfectly Normal" Monday.

"It's Perfectly Normal" is described as a children's book centered around puberty and sexual health, and Amanchukwu claims it is available in ACS libraries. ACS's online library catalog suggests that at least one copy of the book can be found in its middle school.

Amanchukwu displayed several pages during Monday's meeting, describing depictions of "pornographic images," including various couples "having sex." He claims each image can be found in "It's Perfectly Normal."

This is immoral and asinine to allow children to be able to see this," Amanchukwu told the school board. "Is it you, or do parents decide what should be placed at the fingertips and allowed to be taught to their children in this school system?"

Amanchukwu attempted to read a passage allegedly from "It's Perfectly Normal," which seemingly describes aspects of sexual intercourse to readers. However, an ACS school board member quickly asked him to stop, prompting Amanchukwu to question why the contents are appropriate for "children" but not for "a school board meeting."

You all sit back slouched in your chairs and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion, but you don't want me to read it so you can hear it," Amanchukwu said. "Why? Does it bother you? Yes or no? You can't answer that question, and you want to know why? Because politically speaking, you can't say that it's wrong."

No school board members directly responded to Amanchukwu's concerns. ACS school board chair George Sieburg ultimately asked the pastor to leave by telling him that his "time is up," to which Amanchukwu responded "that makes two of us."

I'm not trying to win an election," Amanchukwu said. "You don't want me to read the filth because it exposes the truth."

When reached for comment, an ACS spokesperson directed Crisis in the Classroom (CITC) to the district's policy and procedures for requesting the removal of a school library book.

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ACS's policy states that library books, as well as any other "instructional materials," may only be removed for "legitimate educational reasons."

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