"I called their names..." Shooting survivor testifies in Labor Day double murder trial

On Wednesday, Zirrshaddia Scott testified against Stephen Mobley, accused of killing her two friends and injuring her on Labor Day 2016. (Images: WTVC, Chattanooga PD)

On Wednesday, a woman was forced to relive the night her two friends were murdered right in front of her.

Chattanooga police say Stephen Mobley shot three people on Labor Day two years ago.

22-year-old Jasmine Hines and 23-year-old Rashaud Taylor died of their injuries. Zirrshaddia Scott survived, and spoke through tears on Wednesday.

Scott testified she was intoxicated after a night of drinking and doing drugs.

She says things got a little hazy and she can’t remember everything that happened, but said there’s one moment she’ll never forget.

"I called their names several times and they weren't moving," says Scott.

A distraught Zirrshadia Scott recalled waking up to find two of her closest friends had been killed.

"I seen a lot of blood, so... I knew it wasn't good."

Scott says she’d been taking Xanax, smoking weed, and drinking all night long. She didn’t see who shot her and her friends but told the jury she saw Stephen Mobley with a gun earlier that evening.

"Disrespect led to double murder," said Assistant DA Kevin Brown in court Wednesday.

Prosecutors tried to convince the jury that Mobley snapped after he was offended by Scott and the other victims.

Scott said she refused to share her Xanax with him and wouldn’t let him join in on a game of pool.

"What was Mr. Mobley’s reaction? Did he get upset?" an attorney asked her.

"Yeah, he kind of shrugged off with a little bit more of an attitude now like 'eh'" replied Scott.

The final straw for Mobley, according to the state, was when Scott vomited in the bathroom sink of the house.

"He was yelling and he was mad about the throw up saying we need to leave, somebody needs to clean this up," said Scott.

But Mobley’s attorneys doubt that disrespect was what led to the double homicide.

"The state rushed to judgment in this case and in their investigation," says defense attorney Eliza Williams.

They also say it’s not even clear Mobley pulled the trigger.

One of the victims, Jasmine Hines, had witnessed her father’s murder months before.

Defense attorney Eliza Williams told the jury that means at least one other person had a motive to kill her, and she posted a video online hours before she died.

"Jasmine was in a Facebook Live video showing, broadcasting her location publicly. So whoever wanted to find her could," says Williams.

You can read our coverage of Tuesday's jury selection here.

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