Tennessee senators respond to AG Sessions' resignation from Trump administration

FILE - In this July 13, 2018 photo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks in Portland, Maine. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

The midterm election ends - and a new controversy begins in the nation's capitol.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions stepped down after President Trump asked him to resign.

President Trump thanked Sessions for his service in a tweet, and announced Matthew G. Whitaker is taking over as acting attorney general.

Tennessee lawmakers are some of many reacting to the news.

A statement from Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) says in part:

"The one thing this does make certain is that the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling in elections will continue to its end, as it should, because no new Attorney General can be confirmed who will stop that investigation."

The president has said several times in the past that he was disappointed in Sessions, specifically about Sessions' recusing himself from overseeing the investigation into Russia meddling.

Sessions leaving the Trump administration is something that Tennessee Senator Bob Corker (R) predicted months ago.

Sen. Corker has been very vocal of the president's criticisms of Sessions.

In September, he compared President Trump's tone about Sessions to the whining of a 13-year-old.

NewsChannel 9 asked Corker about the tensions between the president and attorney general during a visit in August - that's when he predicted Sessions would be gone at this time of the year.

We reached out to Senator Corker about why he fears what comes next. His office told us he was not available for an interview Wednesday.

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