Tennessee education report card posted online, shows Hamilton County schools lagging

(Image: MGN)

Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen has unveiled the latest version of the state Report Card, which is now available on the department’s website.

The new report card offers a wealth of data for each school district in the state, including metrics for all areas of study, in addition to metrics such as student enrollment, HOPE scholarship eligibility, school climate, and many others.

The web page contains all the data from the 2016-2017 school year.

The entry for Hamilton County highlighted some areas of concern:

  • 52% of students were below basic proficiency in Algebra II
  • 52.4% of students were below basic proficiency in Geometry
  • 56.7% of students were below basic proficiency in High School Math
  • 42% of students were below basic proficiency in History

The report card found Hamilton County students got an average 19.9 ACT score last year.

And it listed a graduation rate in Hamilton County at 84.6%.

That's just a few numbers, and that's just Hamilton County. Everyone can look up their own school district and dive into the numbers here.

“We have much to be proud of from this past year, and the Report Card allows us to once again celebrate the successes of our schools, like graduation rate and ACT scores, while seeing where we can grow and improve,” Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said. “The state Report Card provides a clear picture for parents, educators, and communities to see how our schools are performing, locally and across the state.”

The Report Card also shows the full set of TNReady state assessment results for students in grades 2-12. TNReady replaces the old TCAP assessment and is fully aligned to Tennessee's academic standards, with a particular focus on students' problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities. McQueen says high school students showed across-the-board growth on their end-of-course exams, and students in grades 3-8 set a new baseline in the first year. The report card also includes the first year, baseline-setting results from the new optional grade 2 assessment, which was administered in 100 districts.

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