Tenn. woman says she got serious bacterial infection from nail salon, costing her hundreds

Tenn. woman says she got serious bacterial infection from nail salon, costing her hundreds. Photos by Chelsea Loyd

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A Murfreesboro woman is pushing for awareness, after she claims she got a serious bacterial infection from a local nail salon, costing her hundreds in medical bills.

It’s been an uncomfortable couple of weeks for Chelsea Loyd.

“It’s not pretty, it’s awful,” Loyd said, as she looked down at her foot, which is still healing.

She says a rash broke out on her left foot just hours after getting a gel pedicure at the Vogue Nail Bar in Murfreesboro off of Medical Center Parkway on September 16th. Two days later, painful blisters started showing up.

Loyd says her doctor told her she had a bacterial infection believed to be staph. She needed a steroid shot, antibiotics and foot cream.

“Now I have medical bills that I’m now responsible for, for something that happened to me by going to get a pedicure,” Loyd said.

She went back to the nail salon, showed them her foot, and the owner wrote her a $307 check to cover the cost of the pedicure and her medical bills, even though Vogue Nail Bar Manager Susan Nguyen tells FOX 17 News there’s no way to prove that Loyd’s condition came from their salon.

Nguyen declined an on-camera interview.

A few days later, Chelsea had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she had been prescribed, landing her with another $200 in medical bills. This time, she says one of the managers refused to cover the cost.

“And he said, we already paid you,” Loyd said.

Nguyen said the business agreed to pay Loyd’s second medical bill, but they wanted her to sign a liability form ensuring that this would be the last medical bill they would be responsible for. Loyd refused to sign the form.

After reviewing the cost of lawyers and civil court proceedings, Loyd said she decided to not pursue reimbursement for the second bill. Still, she says she wants to tell others about her experience.

“I want to bring awareness that they need to have a different standard of cleanliness in their salon,” Loyd said. “I think that that’s important for them to know that someone got infection, so that way they can take precautions so it doesn’t happen to someone else.”

According to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Vogue Nail Bar was inspected on 6/19/19 and received a score of 95. Prior to that, the shop was inspected on 4/12/18 and received a score of 96.

The TDIC’s spokesperson, Kevin Walters says:

“The Board of Cosmetology currently has an open complaint received on 9/28 alleging that a patron contracted a staph infection during a visit to this location. The results from a new inspection are pending.”

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