Teacher's aide in Marion County on leave pending child abuse investigation

Teacher's aide in Marion County on leave pending child abuse investigation (Photo: Amanda Ferrell)

Marion County Superintendent says a teachers aide is on leave after being accused of biting a child.

It happened at South Pittsburg Elementary school on April 13th.

The child's grandmother, Amanda Ferrell, says he is in a pre-K program where he receives speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

"I told them in January when I enrolled Jonathan that I had a fear of him being hurt and everybody assured me that he is perfectly fine and he's safe. All this has done is showed me he's not fine and he's not safe in the school system," said Ferrell.

A police report filed shows according to witnesses, Jonathan was playing on a playground when the aid, leaned over with her mouth open and shortly after, Jonathan made a noise.

It wasn't until Amanda picked him up, she noticed this black and blue bruise on his arm.

"You don't need to harm a child that can not come out and say hey, this hurts, I was hurt," said Ferrell.

NewsChannel 9 took Ferrell's concerns to Marion County Director of Schools, Mark Griffith, who removed the aid from the classroom.

"There's no justification, not for this situation. Like I said, if it all comes down to evidence, factual evidence then there's no sense in it," said Griffith.

Amanda says at the request of her pediatrician, Jonathan won't be returning back to school. And she has a message to the aid accused of hurting her grandson.

"I would like to know what she would do if it was her child. If another teacher or parent would have bit her kid, how would she feel? Because this is unacceptable," said Ferrell.

We spoke to the deputy handling the case in Marion County.

He says, the investigation isn't done yet and when it is, they'll present their findings to the DA's office.

That's when they'll determine if they'll press charges.

We also called the cell phone number on the police report and left a message.

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