Tariffs impact local logistics

Photo: WTVC

Chattanooga is one of the nation's biggest cities for logistics and trucking.

FreightWaves tracks all logistics globally, and CEO Craig Fuller says the data they have is the most in the world.

Fuller tells us the company has seen a decline in the freight economy since October of last year, with a recent dip of 7% overnight on May 9th.

This dip he says can be attributed to the tariffs on goods being shipped, and slower shipment times which can partially be attributed to the increased Mexico border security.

Fuller adds that because of this decrease in the freight market, some smaller trucking companies may have to lay off employees or shut down all together.

Potentially impacting the thousands that work in trucking in Chattanooga. One driver we spoke to says his day to day operations have yet to change, but he says he's not as worried about drivers being let go.

Saying how every trucking company in America is looking for drivers.

Fuller expects the market to be back to normal by 2020.

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