UPDATE: Man in SWAT standoff in is now in custody; police release suspect's identity



CPD Spokesperson Trevor Tomas confirms the man has been caught.

Police say the suspect is James Waters.

He faces several charges including, aggravated domestic assault, felon carrying or possessing weapon, domestic assault, vandalism/ malicious assault, contraband in penal institutions, and tapering with or fabricating evidence.

Authorities tell NewsChannel 9 that neighbors in the surrounding area have been safely evacuated.

Police say the suspect has warrants out for his arrest in Texas for attempted robbery and a probation violation and in Chattanooga he has warrant out for aggravated domestic assault.


Chattanooga Police, K9, and SWAT are at a SWAT standoff on Harley Lane in Chattanooga.

C-P-D spokesperson Trevor Tomas says the suspect is alone inside the home.

Tomas says the suspect is refusing to come outside, because he has warrant out for his arrest.

C-P-D is not releasing the name of the suspect at this time.

Neighbors say police arrived at 11:30 AM.

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