Suspect in 2014 Lookout Valley triple murder takes plea deal

Skyler Allen will serve 15 years in prison, after taking a plea deal on Friday. (Images: Hamilton Co. Jail/MGN)

Skyler Allen, one of the men charged in a triple murder in Lookout Valley in 2014, has taken a plea deal.

As part of the deal, Allen will serve 15 years in prison.

Trial was supposed to begin in April, but the plea agreement was reached last Friday.

Last September, a jury convicted another man charged in the case, Derek Morse on all three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Prosecutors say Allen helped Morse kill Caleb Boozer, Jon Morris and John Lang on April 9th, 2014, saying Jacob Allison drove Allen and Morse to an RV lot on Kelly's Ferry Road that day. There, court records show Allen and Morse opened fire and killed Boozer, Morris, and Lang.

Police say Allen and Morse also shot Michael Callan, who managed to escape, and later testify against the alleged attackers.

Prosecutors believe the murders may have been connected to a 20-dollar debt.

According to court records, the third co-defendant in the case, Jacob Allison, faces the same charges but is not scheduled to go to trial.

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