Superintendent: Policy to change after sick bus driver leaves some kids at home Friday

Image: MGN

The superintendent of Polk County Schools says policy changes are underway after a sick bus driver led to five students being forced to stay at home on Friday.

Dr. James Jones says the school system currently only has one bus driver who is properly trained to pick up and transport local students with special needs.

One parent reached out to NewsChannel 9 Friday morning, saying her son with special needs had to stay home on Friday. She said, "I find it very offensive that my son and the rest of the special education students are not being picked up and treated fairly."

Dr. Jones tells NewsChannel 9 there was "no alternative" because of the short notice, and called the situation "unfortunate."

He says the school system will now be looking at bus driver training and protocol to make sure this doesn't happen again.

He says all students affected by the sick bus driver will get an excused absence for the day.

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