Stray bullet goes through front door at Chattanooga church

The Chairperson of Wesley Chapel Christian Community Church says a stray bullet went through the church's front door, shattering the glass. (Image: WTVC)

According to Wuillie McClendon, Chairperson of the Wesley Chapel Christian Community Church, a stray bullet went through the church's front door early Saturday morning.

McClendon says the door, which is glass, will have to be replaced. She says she called the police, who found a shell casing in the choir section in the back of the church. The bullet also went through a wooden door inside the church.

"I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid at all because this is the Lord's house and I trust that he's going to take care of us," said Wuillie McClendon. "We cannot be fearful, the Lord has not given us the spirit of fear."

McClendon doesn't think Wesley Chapel was the intended target. Chattanooga Police say they responded to a shots fired called on North Hawthrone Street, which is just a few feet away from the church.

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