Soddy-Daisy parents cited for providing alcohol to minors at 16-year-old's birthday party

Two Soddy Daisy parents are facing citations after police say they provided alcohol at a 16th birthday party.

UPDATE (Friday, May 25):

Jennifer and Travis Bearden have been booked into Hamilton County Jail. See more at the link here.

PREVIOUSLY (Thursday, May 17):

Two Soddy-Daisy parents are facing citations after police say they provided alcohol at a 16-year-old's birthday party.

The mother works for Hamilton County Schools.

We got the incident report Tuesday morning.

The school system says the mother reported the incident to them around the same time.

She's now been moved to do her job off school property, away from children.

Police say Jennifer Bearden and her husband Travis provided alcohol to minors over the weekend.

The police report says officers found several beer cans, liquor bottles and a keg at the rental facility they were using.

They also smelled a very strong odor of marijuana and found a bag of pot outside.

We went to the Bearden home Tuesday.

Instead of coming to their door, a man yelled "Go away!" from inside.

Charles Davis doesn't know the Beardens, but lives down the road from them.

We read him the incident report explaining the reason they're facing citations tonight.

The report says the Beardens told police they'd purchased the alcohol. They said they were were hosting a birthday party for a 16-year-old.

"I don't agree with it," Davis said.

Several elementary schools list Jennifer Bearden as their bookkeeper. It turns out, Jennifer Bearden DOES work for Hamilton County schools.

"That's not a good reflection there is it?" Davis said.

Though the school system says a bookkeeper doesn't regularly interact with children, a spokesperson says administrators have moved Bearden off school property and away from children to do her work.

Davis has a granddaughter around the age of the minors police say were at the party.

"She's 17 going on 18," she said.

He's disappointed that any adult would make it seem ok to break the law.

"They shouldn't be leading them that way," he said.

When we talked to the owners of the property where police say the party took place, they say they had no idea police had even come there over the weekend.

They say the renters are responsible for what happens during their rental period.

The Bearden's have until next Saturday to turn themselves into police for the citation.

A spokesperson for Hamilton County schools says Bearden will stay off school property until the court case is complete.

Any disciplinary action will happen at that time.

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