Soddy-Daisy church recovering from flash flood damage pays it forward

Volunteers help clear out parking lot. Courtesy WTVC.

A church in Soddy- Daisy hit hard by heavy rain and flash flooding is picking up the pieces.

The Soddy Church of God is facing over $10,000 worth of damage. Storms wiped out the church parking lot and the children's Sunday school building.

First lady Sue Justice says in the past three days she's received an outpouring of support from people all over the community, adding, "God touched a lot of hearts and brought a lot of people out."

Sue says she diverted some help to a next door neighbor. Carolyn Morrison has lived across the street from the church for nearly 35 years.

Wet weather uprooted several trees in Carolyn's backyard. Rushing water moved boulders through her backyard, breaking the glass in several of her windows. It also completely washed away the gravel in her driveway.

High waters also carried her shed nearly half a mile down the road.

When Sue Justice told Freedom Church of Chattanooga that their neighbor needed help salvaging the damage done in her backyard, they gladly stepped into the fold.

Carolyn says, "Those guys had it going buddy all that machinery back there sawing them logs and then hauling them," adding how thankful she was for the help of her Soddy-Daisy community members.

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