Small Fire Contained at Watts Bar Unit 2

Watts Bar 2.png

TVA says a small electrical fire was contained in the early morning hours on Wednesday at the Watts Bar Unit 2 plant.

TVA spokesman Scott Brooks says the fire broke out at 3:45 a.m. in one of the pump motors, one that received an operating license back in October.

Brooks says the pump is on the non-nuclear side of the plant in the power generating area. He says it's a pump motor in a closed system that pumps water to produce steam that turns the turbines which will eventually produce electricity.

Brooks says the fire was noticed and localized by personnel and quickly put out, and that there was no danger to the public and no injuries. None of the surrounding equipment was affected.

Brooks says it is not considered a setback to Watts Bar Unit 2, which is still in pre-operational testing to begin full power operation. The target date remains the end of June.

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