Since recent spike, Hamilton Co. Coalition gives more than 300 overdose reversal training

Image: Robert Bejil - CC BY 2.0

In a 24-hour period from June 10-11, at least five people in the Hamilton County area suffered an overdose — pushing the yearly total number of overdose calls to the Chattanooga Police Department over the 150 mark.

In the month since, the Hamilton County Coalition (HCC) says it has given over 300 people overdose reversal training centered around the life-saving medication Naloxone.

Out of the total number of people trained, HCC says 275 units of Naloxone were distributed to the public to people who passed the training.

Since the overdose spike last June, the HCC has hosted 20 trainings throughout Hamilton County as part of its Rapid Response Initiative to the epidemic.

“Our priority with this initiative was to educate, train and arm as many people as possible with this life-saving medication,” Hamilton County Coalition Executive Director Camilla Bibbs said. “Some numbers we’ve seen at some of our trainings have been so encouraging and gives us faith that we’re making a difference in Hamilton County.

“Even if just one life is saved from this response, our work will be a success.”

After a month since the initiative launched, the HCC says it is still offering training sessions in opioid overdose reversal. The HCC will host a training on the third Tuesday of every month at their office at 5721 Marlin Road, Building 6100, Suite 3200 (next to the Public Library Building).

Those in attendance will:

  • Learn how to identify the signs of an overdose
  • Learn what to do in critical moments
  • Learn about alternative pain management
  • Learn about treatment & recovery resources

Attendees will also receive training on how to use Naloxone — the life-saving narcotic overdose reversal medicine. A unit of Naloxone will also be made available upon completion of the training.

For reservations: contact Vanessa Spotts at or call 423-255-8551.

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