Signal Mountain parents, teachers discuss possible split from Hamilton Co. schools

Signal Mountain meeting - WTVC.PNG

For the second time in two weeks, parents, teachers, and residents of Signal Mountain met to discuss a possible split from the Hamilton County school system.

This meeting comes one year after the proposal to form an independent school district first came up.

We spoke with people both for and against the split.

Robert Hensley supports the split. "We can always do better, that's what this is about," says Hensley, "It's not about saying we're terrible where we are today - It's that we can do better."

Elizabeth Baker opposes the split. "The quality of education would be at risk," says Baker, "If we were to do something like this, there's no definitive evidence out there that this would improve any type of education."

No vote was planned for Monday night's meeting, and it is unclear if or when a vote will be held.

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