Shooting range scammers caught by Chattanooga business owners

Two business competitors pulled together to catch suspected thieves in Chattanooga.

When you shoot a gun, a small piece of metal pops out.

Kristi Manning says over time, all the brass piles up, and it's worth a chunk of change.

"We normally sell it to our reloading company that we get our reloads from. They buy it from us," she said.

But, last week Manning says her store Carter Shooting Supply went with another buyer.

"He was offering two dollars a pound versus the $1.50 we usually get," she said. "I wouldn't have done it if he didn't have all of the credentials and gave me an invoice. It all looked legit."

She says instead, Michael Mitchell left her store with nearly 1,000 pounds of casings.

"He was supposed to go weigh it and come right back," Manning said.

When he never did, she involved her competition in a plot to catch him.

Shooter's Depot called him and offered him 4,000 pounds of the casings.

"Of course he was enticed with 4,000 pounds," Manning said.

But, when Mitchell arrived with his partner Christine Thompson police arrested them both.

Now, police have linked the duo to several other scams ranging from Texas to Pennsylvania.

Officers also found heroin on the couple they arrested.

The two are now facing several drug and theft charges.

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