Shelter from the storm: Current list of designated shelters in the viewing area

Cropped Photo: Taylor Pecko-Reid / CC BY 2.0

Here is a current list of shelters available in the NewsChannel 9 viewing area for anyone who needs it during severe weather:

Hamilton County Storm Shelters

  • Apison United Methodist Church, 4404 Bill Jones Road Apison, TN 37302, (423) 454-9882

Bradley County Primary Storm Shelters


  • Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Dalton Pike at Waterville (adjacent to the Golf Course), 5345 Georgetown Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312
  • Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Minnis Road (located close to Parkview School), 365 Minnis Rd, Cleveland, TN 37323
  • Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Georgetown Road at Hopewell(adjacent to Volunteer Electric & Hopewell school), 5345 Georgetown Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312
  • Walker Valley High School – Charleston / Wacker / Amazon / Olin / Lonza area, 750 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37312

Grundy County Primary Storm Shelters


  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 12471 Hwy 108, Bishop Aaron Barrett 692-3060, Church 692-3089

Beersheba Springs

  • Grace Baptist Church, 56 Backbone Rd., Pastor Johnny Gross – 692-3080, Church 692-3916


  • First Baptist Church, 239 1st Street, Church 924-3243


  • First Baptist Church – Basement, Hwy 56 next to Dr. Wah’s Office, Billy Guffey 779-3984


  • Valley Home Methodist Church, Half Basement

Tracy City

First Baptist Church, 531 Main Street, Church – 592-8100

Bradley County Primary Storm Shelters

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