Sequoyah Nuclear Plant simulates disaster scenarios

The Sequoyah Nuclear Plant simulator is designed to mimic the operation of the plant's real control room. (Courtesy: WTVC)

In a cavernous room below the training center at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant, control room operators respond to various crisis scenarios.

Operators spend 5-6 weeks out of the year in the simulator which is designed to mimic the functions of the plant's real control room.

"We try to make sure that it responds as close as we can actually make it to how the plant responds," Plant staff tells NewsChannel 9.

The training is designed to equip control room operators with every tool they may need in the event of a crisis to keep residents like Sandra Jordan safe.

Sandra and her husband built their home just down the street from the plant nearly 20 years ago.

"We liked the area and we liked the schools," Sandra tells NewChannel 9.

Despite a clear view of cooling towers from her front porch, Sandra doesn't mind the proximity of the plant.

"We never thought about living this close to the plant. We never felt insecure about living here at all," she says.

The grandmother tells NewsChannel 9 that the only time she does consider the proximity of the plant is when she is scheduling her week using a Sequoyah provided calendar.

"I keep it on my desk so it's the calendar I use every day," Sandra says.

Everyone living within a 10 mile radius of the plant receives one.

"These calendars are very important," a safety manager of the plant says, "it gives you information about where your children will be in the event that we have an issue and we have to evacuate. It will also tell you what shelter in place means, who is to evacuate and how, where to evacuate to, and also has some information about how the plant actually functions."

The safety procedures allow Sandra to put the plant out of mind, "we don't ever pay any attention to it to tell you the truth."

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