Second Life Tennessee busts several human trafficking myths

Second Life Tennessee. Snapshot from WTVC PKG.

Thousand of people a yea are sold for labor and or sex in the United States.

The Human Trafficking Hotline reports more than 5,000 people fell victim to the trade in 2018 alone.

Second Life Tennessee Co-founder, Jerry Redman says plenty of myths surround human trafficking and one of the major ones is that it's not a local issue - but according to the TBI it is.

Second Life Tennessee brought several local organizations together for today's first annual Gaining Clarity Conference.

The conference focused on separating fact from fiction when it comes to sex trafficking.

Panelist busted several human trafficking myths like the idea that people are often held in physical captivity or that the main perpetrators of sex crimes are pimps.

Presenters noted most victims are held captive in plain sight and sometimes aren't aware they are being trafficked because or continued cohesion by the trafficker.

Redman says human trafficking can take on various forms so it's important to always speak up if you suspect something.

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