School bus involved in crash on E. Brainerd Road in Chattanooga Wednesday morning

Photo by viewer Jason Heuer.

A school bus crashed at 7650 East Brainerd Road near Reserve Way Thursday morning.

Chattanooga Police Department spokeswoman Elisa Myzal says one child was taken to the hospital complaining of chest pain.

Hamilton County Schools Public Information officer Tim Hensley tells NewsChannel 9 no other children aboard the bus were hurt, which was headed to East Brainerd Elementary School.

Hensley says Bus #433 was stopped to load children on the bus when a pickup truck hit it from behind.

Hensley says the crash disabled the bus, and another bus is picking the students up to continue them on to school, after EMS crews checked some of the children out.

Viewer Jason Heuer tweeted these pictures from the scene.

The crash left the right lane of East Brainerd Road at Mackey Branch road blocked for a good part of Wednesday morning.

It was East Brainerd Principal Martel Young's worst fears realized - the phone call that one of her school buses has been in an accident.

Chattanooga police say one student was taken to the hospital for a sore chest, but no students had any visible injuries.

But with the damage - the front end of the truck wrapped around the back end of the bus - Young knows it could have been much worse.

"With all things considered, yes, it is a sigh of relief that our children are safe and that we can get them to school," Young said.

Once Young knew the kids were off the bus safely, she says the next step was getting them out the cold.

Despite the abundant sunshine on East Brainerd Rd, temps were below freezing at the bus stop this morning

"Most of the parents were able to come and pick up their children and they're transporting them to the school at this time

She says another school bus took the rest of the kids to school.

"That makes my heart a little bit more at ease and a little bit happier because we're always so concerned about the safety of our boys and girls

Young says she spoke with the bus driver, who is also OK.

"He did say he was at a stop, and had set up the bus appropriately with the stop sign open. The bar being open, the doors being open and children were actually loading the bus," Young said.

She says the next step is making sure the students aren’t too upset after the crash

"I will ask our school nurse to check our children when they get to the school to make sure everything is OK," Young said.

Depend on us for updates as we get them.

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