Scenic City scooters stall in second city council reading

Electric scooters will not be coming to the Scenic City for the time being. (Photo: Lime, via MGN)

Electric scooters will not be coming to the Scenic City for the time being.

For months, city officials and residents had discussed the possibility. At Tuesday night's meeting, however, council members didn't motion to move the ordinance forward, according to city spokesperson Richel Albright.

The ordinance would have allowed for a 12-month pilot program to help locals get used to the idea. Riders would have to be at least 14 years old, and anyone under the age of 16 would have to wear a helmet.

During previous meetings, council members have voiced concerns about the plan, specifically with safety. Two weeks ago, Councilman Ken Smith said that he Googled electric scooters and found problems with them all over the country. Some included serious injuries. He said he’d keep his fingers crossed that Chattanooga isn’t one of those cities in the headlines. Councilman Darrin Ledford said scooters are a danger to the rider and pedestrians. Councilwoman Carol Berz also said she had concerns about scooters.

Others supported the ordinance. Councilman Russell Gilbert said the scooters would be a good way for college students to get around town, something UTC student Sarah Moore agreed with. "I think they'll be safer than bicycles. Keep people up to pace, and they're really fun," Moore told us after the April 30th meeting.

The ordinance can be reconsidered in 90 days if a council member wants to bring it back up.

Depend on us to update you as we learn more on this developing story.

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