Riverbend Roadshow: NewsChannel 9 at Riverbend 2017

The view from our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam!

The NewsChannel 9 team heads to Riverbend 2017!

Check out the view from the air with our NewsChannel 9 SkyCam:

Viewers submit their photos and videos of Riverbend 2017. Submit yours here.

NewsChannel 9's Allison Levine reported live from on the water.

NewsChannel 9's Kayla Strayer looks into the food experience and explains how some of the tents are raising funds for good causes.

What not to bring to Riverbend 2017:

  • Don't bring backpacks
  • Don't put your chairs in a spot BEFORE gates open
  • Don't leave anything for the next day
  • Don't bring pets

Riverbend's music festival lineup for the week:

People began lining up before the gates opened.

Safety is a key concern at Riverbend's events.

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