Residents in Rhea County lose power from Sunday snowfall

Rhea Co. Snow .jpg

While the people of Chattanooga might be seeing a lot of rain today the people of Rhea Co. were seeing flurries of snow and sleet.

At the top of Dayton Mountain the rainy weather turned into a winter mix as the wind and snow hits the trees.

There was enough snow to knock out the power of some residents living in Rhea Co.

"It went off, I got a phone call and now the power is out and now I'm trying to call the phone company" says resident Heather Dupree.

Heather Dupree needed gas before she work...hoping it doesn't snow anymore.

"I've just been having to go to work, and hope that I don't get stuck at work". says Heather

While this woman says she's not a big fan of the snow..." ehh, it's too cold for me." says Heather.

A family visiting from Florida is more than thrilled to see the snow.

"My wife April and I haven't seen snow in 12 years and this is the first time for our three grandchildren to see snow for the first time in their life. " says Dale Putnel.

Not only is this family from Florida excited to see it..but one of their three kids says he's especially excited for throwing snowballs.

As the the family from Florida prepares to find another place to play in the snow, resident Heather Dupree says she has different plans.

"Work, work and try to keep warm" says Heather.

Tonight as temperatures drop you should be cautious while driving as snow could turn into black ice.

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