Residents of Walden, TN divided on proposed grocery store; land rezoning now approved

Our NewsChannel 9 SkyView camera shows the area on Timesville Road where developers want to build a new grocery store. (Image: WTVC)

Walden's Ridge may soon be changing after a $15 million proposal for a new grocery store.

In an area that doesn't currently have a grocery store or a gas station, the new store could be considered very useful to some. But others say they aren't happy about what that new development could bring with it.

The Town of Walden is a small community, home to about 2,000 people - people who have strong feelings about the plans for this property.

"Both folks that have been for it and against it there is a concern for traffic," said Walden Mayor William Trohanis.

Initially, the planning staff recommended denying the proposal, partly because of its size, but the Hamilton County Planning Commission just approved the rezoning of the land to make way for a shopping center.

It's an addition Mayor Trohanis says his town doesn’t have.

"Right now we have to drive off the mountain about 3 or 4 miles to get a full service grocery," he says.

Some residents feel Walden is the perfect place for a change which would include a gas station, grocery store, and retail.

"Well it’s the top of the mountain almost the peak of the mountain so I’d say it would be," said resident Ron Nudo.

Our NewsChannel 9 SkyView camera shows the area where the new center would be built on Timesville Road.

Courtney Chamberlain lives on that road and says it could create some problems. "It’s already bad enough getting out of that street so if they do I hope the consider a traffic light," she said.

Mayor Trohanis says he’ll look at all the options before the next step: a vote by the town council.

"I only look at this whatever the decision is being the right thing for the community and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to make the right decision for the community," said Mayor Trohanis.

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