Rep. Fleischmann says he will support Trump if nominated

Republican Congressman Chuck Fleischmann tells NewsChannel 9's Katherine Marchand he "will be proud" to support Donald Trump if he is the GOP nominee.

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) tells NewsChannel 9 he will support Donald Trump's bid for the presidency if he is Republican party's nominee.

Although Fleischmann is still not endorsing Trump, he says he recognizes that the real estate mogul is the presumptive nominee.

"That's what great about primaries. We go through a process. When we have a nominee, and it looks like we do in Donald Trump, I will be proud to support him like any candidate," Fleischmann told NewsChannel 9's Katherine Marchand.

Early in the election cycle, Fleischmann endorsed Gov. Mike Huckabee but after he suspended his campaign, Fleischmann said he would support the eventual nominee.

"I trust [the people of my district] to make the right decisions and that's why the endorsement situation is not all that important for me," said Fleischmann.

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