Razor blade found in a Cleveland Walmart shopping cart

Blade that Emily Brown found on cart Photo: Emily Brown

Emily Brown from Riceville made a trip to the Walmart on Keith St. in Cleveland on Friday night which was nothing out of the ordinary.

Until Brown finally went to grab the handle of her shopping cart, only to be met with a sharp object underneath. Pictured below is the 4 inch blade Brown says she found glued underneath the handle.

She says she usually doesn't grab the handle of the shopping carts, but this time when she was stopped in the middle of the store, she did. Thankfully the blade did not cut her and she was unharmed.

Brown immediately told a manager, and the blade was removed safely so no further customers would encounter it.

A corporate Walmart spokesperson had the following official statement,

“We are aware of the situation and appalled that someone would do this in our stores. While we’ve found no further signs of tampering, we inspected the other carts to help ensure the safety of our customers and associates.”

The spokesperson also tells us they've seen this situation in other Walmart stores across the country. Mainly placed there by shoplifters, so the blade can be used to remove tags of electronics to try and make it easier to steal.

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